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Contactless Payment

Pay for your purchases with a simple movement of your hand.

Thanks to the contactless payment method, you can pay amounts up to CHF 40 without having to sign or enter a PIN. This eliminates time-consuming searching and waiting for change.

Easy, contactless payment

Contactless payment with the credit card is very easy. You can use your credit card wherever you see the contactless logo. Just hold the card near the terminal at the register and when the green light blinks or the beep sounds, the payment is completed.

Contactless payment makes for secure purchases

Contactless payment is not just easy and quick, but also safe. Thanks to the latest technology in credit cards and terminals, maximum security is ensured:

  • You don’t have to hand over your credit card.
  • The credit card has to be held close to the terminal – so unwanted bookings are not possible.
  • The credit card is charged only once – even if the card is held over the terminal twice.
  • Your PIN or signature is required for amounts over CHF 40.00.
  • For your security, your code or signature is required on a random basis.

Additional Information

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