Accident insurance compliant with the UVG*

* Swiss Law on Accident Insurance


As an employer, you are obligated to insure your employees against accidents.


Which employees must you insure in compliance
with the UVG?

All employees, who draw a salary of up to CHF 126,000.00 in Switzerland, must be insured against accidents. The salary above this UVG maximum does not have to be insured.

People who work less than 8 hours a week for an employer must only be insured against accidents at work (including the direct journey to work). All other employed people must be insured against accidents at work and non-occupational accidents. For this reason, the accident risk in private compulsory health insurance (health fund) can be excluded.


Accident insurance supplementing the UVG

With accident insurance supplementing the UVG, you and your employees can benefit from further services, tailored exactly to your company, and cover the financial consequences of accidents and occupational illnesses in the best way possible.


Here are some examples of additional UVG insurance

  • Loss of pay: you can also cover the loss of pay not assumed by the UVG insurance policy.
    This means you are insuring wages that exceed the UVG maximum.
  • Hospital stay: you can also cover the costs for semi-private or private hospital treatment anywhere in the world.
  • Occupational risk: you can also insure the benefits that are reduced or refused by the UVG in the event of accidents attributed to gross negligence, extraordinary risks and hazards.
  • Invalidity: supplement the insurance policy with lump-sum benefits in addition to the benefits from the UVG.
  • Death: Secure additional benefits for relatives, in addition to the survivor’s pension.

Do you have any questions? Do you need a coordinated financial planning concept? Do you want to have an in-depth consultation and have your benefits implemented competently? We are happy to support you and will provide you with information about the right accident and paid sick day insurance policies for you.

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