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The Ideal Travel Funds – Swiss Bankers Travel Cash

With Travel Cash you can withdraw cash around the world and pay without cash in many locations.

  • Reloadable – even outside Switzerland
  • Easy – loading at location or by phone at number 061 266 33 33
  • Secure – as it is not tied to your bank account
  • Service – immediate blocking in case of loss or theft through customer service at Swiss Bankers PrePaid Services AG: 031 710 12 15. The PIN of the card can be changed at an ATM in Switzerland or in Liechtenstein and at a PostFinance ATM (Postomat) in Switzerland
  • Risk-free – worldwide free card replacement with remaining balance
  • World wide – cash withdrawals at over 2 million ATMs or pay in over 33 million stores and Internet shops all over the world
  • Contactless – pay swiftly and safely with a single swoosh, using the Mastercard contactless function.
  • Also available in euros and US dollars - The Travel Cash card is not only available in Swiss francs but also in euros and US dollars. As a result, you can avoid unnecessary currency conversions and the ensuing exchange losses while travelling in Europe and in the USA.
Annual Fee No charge
Loading Fee 1.5% of loading amount at purchase and at reloading
Cash Withdrawals CHF / EUR / USD 5.00
Cashless Payments CHF / EUR / USD 1.00
Card Blocking No charge
Replacement Card No charge
Payment of remaining balance on card into a bank or postal account CHF 20.00
Loading Limits min. CHF / EUR / USD 100.00,
max. CHF / EUR / USD 10 000.00

You can apply for a Travel Cash Card at any BKB location or by phone at the number 061 266 33 33.