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BKB medium term notes

Are you looking for a short-term investment, which offers both an attract rate of interest and a high level of security?

Then BKB medium term notes are the right choice for you.

Your advantages at a glance

  • First-class security: the debtor is the BKB, which is rated with an outstanding AA by Standard & Poor’s.
  • Constant and regular earnings: the interest remains fixed over the entire term and we credit this to your BKB account annually, less the withholding tax.
  • Choose from any term: you can choose from terms between 2 and 8 years.
  • Flexible tranches: you can subscribe to any amount of BKB medium term notes in increments of CHF 1,000.00.

Current interest rates

For the time being the BKB will not offer medium term notes.

How do you subscribe to BKB medium term notes?

You can subscribe to BKB medium term notes at any BKB branch. We are happy to advise you about what form of investment best suits your