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BKB Investment Solution – Rule based (CHF)

The BKB Investment Solution – Rule based (CHF) is a strategic fund. From an investment amount of CHF 10,000, you can profit from the comprehensive asset management of Basler Kantonalbank and its many years of expertise gained in the investment business.

This type of management, based on algorithmic rules, creates systematic investment decisions that are not characterized by subjective, human decisions. The so-called rule-based approach combines three different strategy modules: “Rebalancing”, “Trend” and “Relative Strength”. The investment capital is allocated to various investment classes and adjusts dynamically to the market environment. Depending upon the tactical investment signals, the allocation may vary greatly. Investment signals are derived from clear, predefined evidence-based rules from market data. Changes in the investment signals are checked for their credibility by BKB.

The allocation of the investment classes adapts of necessity to the market environment. In difficult market phases, the allocation of the investment classes is comparable to a defensive risk profile with a lower proportion of shares. Given upward phases, advantage must be taken of investment opportunities; in so doing, the proportion of shares will be increased.

  • Independent investment selection
  • Benefits of a classic investment fund
  • Attractive price
  • Active management by investment experts
  • Comprehensive reporting (semi-annually)
  • Flexibility

The BKB Investment Solution – Rule based (CHF) is especially suited to investors with an increased readiness to assume risk and who prefer a dynamic investment style. Because of the very active style of investment, the investor must be prepared to accept fluctuations in value. In the index funds and ETFs deployed, cost-efficient, index-tracking management takes precedence. Your capital will be invested mainly in investments in Swiss francs.

Allocation to investment classes (bandwidths in %)

Currency allocation (bandwidths in %)

The Investment Account gives you the possibility to handle payments to the Investment Solution (BKB Investment Solution) in a flexible and uncomplicated way. At best you increase your investment continuously with a standing order. Furthermore you can arrange individual payments to the Investment Account. Your account balance will as a rule be invested on a daily basis (at approx. 8.30 a.m. CET) in the investment fund selected by you. In addition you have the overview in E-Banking and you are able to initiate additional payments yourself.

Important notice

This information serves advertising purposes exclusively. For the strategy fund BKB Investment Solution – Rule based (CHF), we would refer you to the prospectus and the Key Investor Information. You can get these free of charge on our website at and in paper form at all branches of Basler Kantonalbank, from the fund management or from the custody bank.