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Career Entry for Secondary School Graduates

Are you about to decide on what to do after your secondary school education has been completed? Are you interested in a banking apprenticeship? 
A “Career Entry for Secondary School Graduates” (CESSG) at the Basler Kantonalbank will open up new perspectives.

This training is especially designed for anyone interested who fulfill the following conditions:

  • Graduates of the Matura – the Swiss school leaving certificate (with a business focus) – or graduates of a three-year Wirtschaftsmittelschule – business-focused secondary school in Switzerland
  • Great interest in banking and finance
  • Sales-oriented and communicative personality
  • Maintained appearance and good manners
  • High level of performance and willingness to learn
  • Very good at working in a team
  • Good foreign language skills

What do we offer?

A good entry into the banking industry and an extensive apprenticeship.
The internship lasts 18 months and begins each August. During the apprenticeship, you will receive an insight into various sectors of the bank through practical experience lasting several months. There is a special focus on customer consultation, which you will learn in our sales training and the various periods of practical experience. In addition, you will attend banking lessons at the CYP – Center for Young Professionals in Banking and complete the SwissBanking Game.

You will receive the qualification from the Swiss Bankers Association when you have fulfilled the following points:

  • Successful deployment in the various departments
  • Successful completion of written exams
  • Successful completion of the oral exam (handling of a customer consultation)

Are you interested in a versatile and practical apprenticeship?

Then we look forward to receiving your online application:

You can apply here!

If you have any questions, Ms. Annatina Jäggi, 061 266 23 43, will be happy to help.