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BKB PrePaid Mastercard EUR/USD

Independence, security, control. The loadable card.

  • International – Cashless payments and cash withdrawals in local currency around the world
  • Easy – Contactless Payment
  • Transparent – With MyAccount worldwide access to credit card data anytime
  • Secure – Purchase online with VisecaOne
  • Flexible – Available starting at 14 years of age (up to age of majority with signature of legal representative)
  • Reusable – Easy to load with just a phone call
Annual Fee EUR/USD 25.00
(no charge for owners of a BKB Youth account/BKB Education Plus account)
Available Currencies EUR/USD
  • With deposit slip in the respective currency
  • Over BKB E-Banking
  • By phone over 061 266 33 33 (except loading in USD)
  • Loading fee: EUR/USD 3.00 per loading
Transaction and Balance Inquiries
  • Phone Inquiries: CHF 1.00 per call
  • MyAccount: no charge
  • Electronic statements over MyAccount: no charge
  • Paper statements: EUR/USD 2.- per statement
  • SMS Messaging: with current available balance (one SMS per month free, each additional CHF 0.50 per SMS)
Cash Withdrawals at ATM’s
  • Switzerland
    Processing fee 4%, min. EUR/USD 10.00
  • Other countries
    Processing fee 4%, min. EUR/USD 10.00
Cash Withdrawals at the Teller Processing fee 4%, worldwide, min. EUR/USD 10.00 (Switzerland and other countries)

You can apply for the BKB PrePaid Mastercard at any BKB location. We will be happy to advise you personally.

Apply for the BKB PrePaid Mastercard EUR/USD by printing out the PDF.
Please complete the PDF form online and send us the undersigned application together with the required documentation by post to the BKB address provided.