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BKB-KMUimpuls for start-ups

Are you about to implement an interesting and promising business idea and have you recently founded a company?

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled

  • The company has been founded and entered in the commercial register.
  • A sound business plan is available and describes a plausible and comprehensive business idea.
  • The prospects of market success are realistic.
  • The accounting and controlling mechanisms are carried out by a trained person or trust company.
  • You provide us with quarterly information about the business development.
  • The main shareholders and management also hold their private bank accounts with the BKB.

Our financing

  • Overall limits totaling a maximum of 75% of the economically eligible equity, selectively or combined either as
    • Current account credit
    • Loans (from CHF 100,000)
    • Fixed advances (from CHF 250,000) or
    • Bank guarantees
  • Minimum amount CHF 75,000, Maximum amount CHF 3,000,000
  • Individual financing charges depending on the level of finance and the credit risk profile determined by the BKB.
  • Limit reductions / loan repayments from the second year after credit has been granted.