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BKB-KMUimpuls for growth/commercialization projects

Are you and your company on the verge of expansion or are you intended to commercialize a market-ready product?

The following prerequisites must be fulfilled

  • The company registered in the commercial register must already be successful on the market.
  • A sound business plan exists and describes the expansion project plausibly.
  • The prospects of market success are realistic.
  • The accounting and controlling mechanisms are carried out by a trained person or trust company.
  • You provide us with quarterly information about the business development.
  • The main shareholders and management also hold their private bank accounts with the BKB.

Our financing

Overall limits totaling a maximum of 75% of the economically eligible equity, selectively or combined either as

  • Current account credit
  • Loans (from CHF 100,000)
  • Fixed advances (from CHF 250,000) or
  • Bank guarantees
    Minimum amount CHF 150,000
    Maximum amount CHF 3,000,000
  • Mezzanine limits totaling a maximum of 25% of the economically eligible equity. The financing includes a subordination of the BKB, which is limited to 5 years, and guarantees an expanded equity capital base.
    Minimum amount CHF 50,000
    Maximum amount CHF 1,000,000

Individual financing charges depending on the level of finance and the credit risk profile determined by the BKB.

Limit reductions / loan repayments of the overall limits from the second year, mezzanine loan from the sixth year after credit has been granted