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Our strategy

The strategy is the guide to achieving our ambitious goals.

The BKB Strategy 2018–2021 is based on the major trends affecting our company and the economy. The focus is on five strategic pillars.

Exciting our clients

You make your plans, but from time to time life makes its own. You can count on us to ensure that you are always financially viable in all stages of your life. Wherever you are, we are at your side: at one of our branches or through our mobile digital solutions.

Unlocking new client groups

Complex products? We do not have any of those. As a universal bank, we offer comprehensive solutions for every financial problem. It is important for us that you are fully in the picture and properly advised about what you are buying.

Strengthening our ability to innovate

We always want to offer you the best. That is why we strive to be at the forefront. We keep our eyes and ears open and develop new offers that suit you, internally and in collaboration with our partners.

Increasing efficiency

The better we are at what we do, the easier your banking is for you. That is why we constantly endeavour to optimise our processes. This allows us to maximise the efficiency of our services and to offer you an excellent standard of service.

Supporting sustainability

Our focus is to conduct business in an entrepreneurial manner. But there is more to it than that. Our employees are guided by strict ethical values and pay attention to environmental sustainability. With our sustainable portfolio, you can invest your money consistent with ecological and social criteria. We are committed to the region, its people and businesses, and offer Basel real added value.