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Governance bodies

The bank's internal audit body and the external audit body provide independent assessments of the Group's business processes and management system.

Inspectorate Group BKB

The Inspectorate Group BKB is the Bank Council's most important information and audit body for the Executive Board. It is independent of the Executive Board and acts according to the instructions of the President of the Bank Council. The Inspectorate is directly subordinate to the Bank Council, reports to the President of the bank and accepts orders from the Bank Council. It carries out its activities in accordance with recognised auditing principles.

Felix Haenle
Chief Inspector, Head of Inspectorate Group BKB

Hagen Dammroff
Deputy Chief Inspector, Deputy Head of Inspectorate Group BKB

External Audit

Since 1 January 2018, KPMG has been the auditor for Basler Kantonalbank and the Group under banking and stock exchange law.

The auditing company KPMG fulfils the requirements of the Banking and Stock Exchange Act and is approved by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission for the audit of banking institutions. In close cooperation with the internal audit section, it determines whether the accounts and the annual reports, as well as the application for the appropriation of the balance sheet profit, comply with Swiss laws and regulatory provisions.