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Your concerns are our incentive. BKB Private Banking.

Whether you want to preserve your assets, build them up, pass them on or use them to do good. Our advisors will not just listen - they’ll understand too.

Trust is the basis for any successful partnership. This also applies to private banking. Your personal advisor will not only support you in developing an investment solution tailored to suit you. They will also be your first point of contact for any other matters.

And if necessary, they will consult our experts in the fields of tax, inheritance, succession planning, credit, pensions and financial planning as well. Because, private banking to us is an integrated service, which goes beyond pure investment. Comprehensive solutions from a single source.

Info table
Your business Our solution
Our solution Preserving or building up assets Investment advice
Asset management
Tax consultation
Passing on your assets Inheritance advice
Estate planning
Execution of a will
Using your assets to do good Christoph Merian Cantonal Bank Foundation
Securing the future Pension solutions
Financial planning
Mortgage financing
Collateral loan

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