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You cannot avoid taxes - but you can optimize them. With BKB tax consultation.

Your saving potential is often not fully exploited. It is worth checking your tax return.

You will save time and could, wherever possible, save on your taxes too if you let us complete your tax return. Our experts will also give you useful tips on how best to deal with your taxes. For example, anyone who is regularly investing in their private pension is already on the right track. It is also worth checking and implementing the fiscal effects of financing your own home.

What we can do for you

  • Tax return: We can compile your tax return for you with all the attachments.
  • Tax consultation: We can answer any questions you may have about Swiss taxes and double taxation with another country.
  • Tax statement: We can compile a tax statement of your BKB securities safekeeping account, in which the security is evaluated for the redemption prices and all annual profits are stated.
  • Inspection of tax assessments and invoices: So that you can be quite sure that you have nothing more to pay, we can check everything for you and raise any objections or appeals for you.
  • Real estate invoices: We can also complete your real estate invoices, in connection with the tax return we have compiled for you.

Fiscal tips

Income from acquisitions and perks:

  • Agreements with the employer about tax-free ancillary benefits as part of your wage (business use of private vehicles, all-inclusive expenses within a justifiable framework)
  • Employee share ownership
  • Fiscal advantages of a lump-sum payment instead of the pension form of retirement benefits

Income from securities

  • Alignment of your investment strategy for tax-free interest (accrued interest) and capital gains with the safeguarding of risk management and consideration of marginal tax rates and investment outlooks

Income from real estate

  • Tax deductible real estate maintenance: regular renovations, cost distribution of major renovations over several years
  • Tax deductible mortgage interest: coordination of maximum interest charge up to 1/3 of the net income with marginal taxation and indirect amortization and tax-optimized and risk-adjusted investment of the free funds

Deductions from taxable income

  • Individual deductions: professional expenses, further education costs, asset management charges, charitable donations, hospital fees paid yourself, etc.
  • With existing contribution gaps: additional payments into your pension fund with distribution of costs over several years
  • Contributions to the 3a pillar: setting-up of two pension accounts or policies with possible graduated withdrawal

Other optimization possibilities

  • Payment of 2nd and 3a pillar in different fiscal years
  • Tax free added value of mixed life insurance policies financed with a single premium, if of pensionable character and not financed with considerable external funds
  • Inspection of consolidated tax savings within the family
  • Right “timing” when moving residence

Our experts in the BKB Tax Consultation department are looking forward to meeting you!