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Mastercard Business Card

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Switzerland? Then the Business Card, the first bespoke credit card, offers you many advantages.

The highlight of the Business Card Silver is the card design. Your own design (e.g. with the company logo and/or fitting image) creates an impression externally and strengthens the identification of your employees with your company internally.
As well as global usage and a flexible financial scope, the Business Card offers you many advantages - particularly for your expenses procedures. With your Business Card, laborious cash advances and reimbursements to your employees are no longer necessary.

  • Globally accepted means of payment for Switzerland and abroad for cashless transactions and cash withdrawals.
  • Simplified administration and cost controls with the free online “eXpense” expenses management system
  • Monthly collective bill for all cards and a detailed summary for the card holder, on request
  • Individualization of the Business Card Silver with the company symbol and logo
  • Business Card Gold in foreign currencies – EUR and USD
  • Contactless payment for rapid, non-contact payment of small amounts
  • Reduction of the annual charge with the revenue-based bonus
  • Discounted car hire with Hertz
  • 24-hour telephone number for emergencies in Switzerland and abroad
  • Travel accident insurance in case of death or invalidity
Annual Fee Silver CHF 100.–
Gold CHF 170.–
Gold EUR 150.–
Gold USD 150.–
Additional Card Silver CHF 50.–
Gold CHF 85.–
Gold EUR 75.–
Gold USD 75.–
Available Currencies CHF/EUR/USD
PIN First As cards are renewed, they will be switched to the "PIN First" system. With this system, payments are approved by entering a PIN code at the POS terminal. A signature is required only in rare exceptions
Cash Withdrawals at ATM’s
  • Switzerland
    Processing fee 3.5%, min. CHF 5.00 or EUR/USD 3.50
  • Other countries
    Processing fee 3.5%, min. CHF 10.00 or EUR/USD 7.00
Cash Withdrawals at the Teller Processing fee 4%, worldwide, min. CHF 10.00 / EUR 7.00 / USD 7.00 (Switzerland and other countries)

You can apply for the Mastercard Business Card at any BKB location or at the SME-Center. We will be happy to advise you personally.

You can quite easily design the picture card yourself: Upload an image at and attach the printed and signed declaration of consent to the order form.