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BKB-FXTrader für den Devisenhandel


Forex trading / precious metals / FXTrader

Foreign Exchange (FX) and Precious Metals (PM) Trading

Our foreign exchange desk offers you the following products:

  • FX / PM Spot, Forward, Swap, NDF
  • Precious Metals (PM)
  • FX / PM Options (plain vanilla, knock in / out, reverse knock in / out)
  • Dual Currency Deposits (DCD) in FX and PM
  • Money Market

Professional FX and PM transactions with the BKB FXTrader

Start FXTrader

(FX / PM Spot, Forward (Outright), Swap, Orders, NDF)

Do you want to manage your foreign exchange transactions independently 24-hours a day at top conditions?
With the BKB FXTrader, we offer you an ideal solution for online FX trading.

With the BKB FXTrader, you can securely and quickly manage your foreign exchange transactions in all established currency pairs 24-hours a day.

The range of functions includes FX spot transactions, forward transactions with terms of up to two years, swaps and NDF (Non-Deliverable Forward).
After concluding a transaction, you will immediately receive an online confirmation. You can select and inquire about, list and print any of your transactions at any time.

Example: Layout of BKB FXTrader

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