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Functions of BKB e-banking

 Individual functions of BKB e-banking, explained in more detail:

  • Login procedure

    Login with mTAN

    Within the login process, you enter your identification number and your password. From this, you will receive an mTAN as a free SMS to your mobile. Enter the mTAN in the BKB e-banking system to legitimize your access.

    For one-off payments, you may also have to confirm the completion using your mTAN. The use of the mTAN for payment orders via e-banking increases security in electronic payment transactions. Thanks to the transaction confirmation, payment details can be checked specifically before completion. The mTAN is only valid within a limited time frame and is then automatically declined.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Higher security due to splitting over two channels (mobile and internet)
    • mTAN which is only valid for a limited period of time
    • Checking of your payments using transaction confirmation
    • Free use (even abroad)
  • E-Services


    With BKB e-documents, you can receive your bank statements, debit and credit notes, stock exchange statements of securities sales and purchases and securities safekeeping account statements electronically in PDF format. These can be viewed in your BKB e-banking system or can be downloaded.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Quicker: because they are not sent by post, the documents are available for you to view quicker.
    • Cheaper: BKB e-documents are free and you are not charged any postage fees.
    • Simpler and more practical: you decide whether you want to print the document and/or save it for subsequent use. Thus reducing the deluge of paperwork.


    In just a few mouse clicks you can check the eBill in BKB e-banking, save it as a PDF file on your computer and approve the completed in payment slip for payment. With the eBill service you remain in complete control, as you can reject an eBill with a click of the mouse if there is a discrepancy.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Simple: With eBill, you no longer need to type in reference numbers, invoice amounts and credit accounts.
    • Fast: You can check and pay your e-bills in just a few clicks of the mouse.
    • Paperless: the eBill is paperless – to the benefit of the environment. You can, of course, save your eBills in PDF format on your computer.
    • Checkable: You can check and approve each eBill, or click to reject it if there are any discrepancies.
    • Secure: The eBills are transmitted securely

    How eBill works

    With eBill, you receive, check and pay your bills directly in your BKB e-banking system. E-bills can be received in BKB e-banking from more than 90 Swiss banks and PostFinance.


    You can register directly with your billers via the "eBill" menu option in your BKB e-banking system.

    More information

  • Online file transfer (DTA - DatenTrägerAustausch)

    DTA is a file format for the electronic transmission of payment orders. You upload your DTA easily into your BKB e-banking system.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • Your administration is simplified with DTA files: the simple transfer of data from your accounts payable and payroll accounting make it easy for you to handle your payments.
    • Data only has to be gathered once. This reduces the error rate.
  • BESR - bank payment order with reference number

    With the BESR (bank payment order with reference number), you can automate your incoming payments. You can download your incoming BESR payments easily using BKB e-banking and link the file with your accounting system.
    You can find more information in the PostFinance ESR (payment order with reference number) handbook.

    Your advantages at a glance

    • You save time: the automated comparison of incoming payments with the accounts receivable accounting department make it easier for you to monitor outstanding items and simplify the reminders system.
    • you save money, because we do not charge you any fees for BESR credits, in comparison with red pay-in slips, which reduce the case deposit charges of the post office.
  • Payments and stock exchange

    Account information

    • Account information: Asset statement (total assets), account balance, entries with all details, various options for sorting
    • Downloading of MT940 files

    Payment transactions

    • Issuing of all kinds of payment orders
    • Payment assistant
    • Domestic, overseas, CHF and FRW
    • Individual orders
    • Standing orders
    • Creation of payment lists
    • Transmission of DTA files
    • Downloading of ESR (payment order with reference number) credit details

    Direct debit system (LSV)

    • Transmission of LSV files to collect receivables (Format TA875/TA890)
    • Downloading of LSV credit details (Format GS Typ3)

    Stock exchange trading

    • Buying and selling of securities
    • Integrated stock exchange information (with real-time prices for SWX)
    • Order book (status of pending stock exchange orders)

    Securities safekeeping account

    • Aktueller Titelbestand mit Bewertung
    • Herunterladen von MT571


    • Send encoded messages to the bank


    • Account and deposit notifications by SMS