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Harmonization of career, private life and leisure time

Motivated, capable and open to change! These are the characteristics of our employees. The following sections provide you with more information about how our employees stay this way and what measures they support in the harmonization of their careers, private lives and leisure time.

Working hours

All employees of the Basler Kantonalbank with a 100% employment level work an average of 42 hours a week. The normal working hours are maintained as an annual average, which can mean more flexibility and time sovereignty depending on the function and job role.


In some functions, alternating telecommuting is possible. This working hours model offers our employees more local flexibility and, for example, allows them to work one day a week from home.

Part-time working model

If an employee needs more free time, we can offer flexible part-time working hours models in all hierarchical positions, depending on the employee’s function.

Holiday entitlement

To guarantee rest and relaxation, our employees benefit from a holiday entitlement that exceeds the legal requirements. The annual holiday entitlement at the Basler Kantonalbank is five or six weeks, depending on your function level and age.

Maternity and paternity leave

A child changes life. We provide our female employees with sixteen weeks of maternity leave. This exceeds the legal entitlement. For a first child, our male workers are entitled to one week of paternity leave, rising to two weeks for every subsequent child. In addition, there is the opportunity to take unpaid leave.


The Basler Kantonalbank can provide our employees with professional counselling in difficult phases of their lives. Our external partners offer support in the fields of: childcare, elderly care, homecare, work-Life balance and social counselling.


A hiatus paid for by the employer enables our employees to take a creative break, a long-standing trip or do a private project. The entitlement of a sabbatical depends on the number of years of service, the function level and age of the employee.

Paid youth holidays

Employees who volunteer with young people in their free time are entitled to a paid youth holiday of no more than one week until they turn 31.

BKB mission statement

The Basler Kantonalbank attaches great importance to a fair partnership with all employees and maintains the following mission statement:

Info table
Mission statement Values
Identifying II manage communicatively with personal charisma and authenticity.
  • Conveying enthusiasm
  • Actively supporting the team spirit
  • Acting fairly and with integrity
Inspiring I motivate through mission objectives and clear tasks.
  • Motivating through visions
  • Agreeing SMART objectives
  • Successfully managing processes
Intellectually I guide employees through changes with confidence.
  • Breaking with established patterns of thought
  • Conveying new insights (change)
  • Bestowing confidence
Individually I maintain achievement-oriented and strength-focused relationships with employees.
  • Responding individually to employees
  • Supporting employees in their development
  • Time for regular feedback