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The results of the calculations performed by the mortgage calculator are based on the parameters that you personally enter, as well as on specific assumptions and reference values. Calculations of interest are based on customary Swiss practice and are for information purposes only and non-binding in nature. Consequently, no warranties can be made with respect to the completeness or accuracy of any information provided.

Current interest rates are comparably low in a long-term comparison. In evaluating affordability, therefore, we are stopping at the long-term average interest rate of 4.5 %. Thus you can be certain that you will still be able to afford your interest payments even if interest rates do rise.

Please bear in mind that this is a simplified model. Given that we coordinate any loan with your individual requirements, the model cannot replace a personal consultation. Our client advisors will be happy to prepare an offer designed to meet your unique situation.

Basis of calculations for owner-occupied residential property:
  • - 1st mortgages are granted up to 66.67% of the investment cost or purchase price.
  • - 2nd mortgages are granted for up to 80% of the investment cost or purchase price.
  • - The 2nd mortgage must be repaid within max. 15 years, but at the latest upon reaching the age of 65 years. For your owner-occupied residential property, we recommend indirect amortization over a Savings 3 Account, which offers tax advantages for you.
  • - Maintenance costs are 1% of the investment cost or purchase price.
  • - Experience has shown that the mortgage expense for your own home should not exceed 1/3 of your net income.