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Finally get away! Relax as you start your holidays with BKB traveller’s currency.

Before you set off, choose the right means of payment for you.


Besides Swiss Franks our counters have Euros, US Dollars and Pound Sterling available too. For a commission of 5 CHF we can order further currencies and have them sent to you directly.

Swiss Bankers Travel Cash

Withdraw cash and make cashless payments in many places, all over the world. Swiss Bankers Travel Cash is an ideal supplement to your BKB credit card or BKB Maestro card.       

Credit card

Make cash-less payments all over the world. Safely and easily with the right credit card.          

Maestro card

Withdraw cash or make cash-less payments. Easily in Switzerland and abroad with the BKB Maestro card.

Further information

How much money are you allowed to take abroad? What banks can provide you with local support?
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