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Oekumenische Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim Riehen - Wendelin &
Basler Kantonalbank

Benefit from a strong partnership

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Oekumenische Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim Riehen - Wendelin

Basler Kantonalbank has close links to your region – and especially to Oekumenische Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim Riehen - Wendelin. From now on, you, as their employee, will receive exclusive preferential conditions and many other benefits.

More about Basler Kantonalbank

More about Basler Kantonalbank

For more than 110 years, Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) has had a clear performance mandate: to reliably support Basel residents in financial matters. As a pioneer, we have introduced goal-based consulting, which focuses on your personal goals.

Always close to you

We offer services for every financial need and, with our branch network, we are closer to the people in the region than any other institution.

More commitment to the region

We owe a lot to the city and the Basel region. That is why we give a lot back. With a wide range of sponsorships in the areas of sports, art, culture and society, we make a contribution to the quality of life in the region.

Sustainability out of conviction

We have always thought and acted on a long-term basis. This has already been noticed by others: For this reason, we have received several awards for our sustainability.

Your potential savings: up to CHF 510 per year

As part of our partnership with Oekumenische Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim Riehen - Wendelin, you will benefit from attractive preferential conditions. And the more services you purchase from us, the greater your cost advantage. We will be happy to advise you and support you according to your needs.

Advantages for employees of Oekumenische Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim Riehen - Wendelin

  • Free basic services: You receive basic products and services for payments and savings from a single source.
  • Exclusive events: In regular events, we will inform you on site or via live stream on relevant topics, such as pensions, home financing and investing.
  • Special offers: Benefit from tailor-made offers within the framework of the cooperation between BKB and Oekumenische Stiftung Alters- und Pflegeheim Riehen - Wendelin.
  • Goal-based consulting: Our client advisors are available for all your financial questions – in every phase of life and wherever you wish: at your premises, in one of our branches or conveniently by video conference.

The attractive offer at a glance

The attractive offer at a glance

1. Basic mo­dule  
1 per­sonal acc­ount CHF free of char­ge
1 sav­ings acc­ount or 1 in­vest­ment sav­ings acc­ount CHF
(up to 0.075% bonus inte­rest)
free of char­ge
1 Mae­stro card CHF or EUR free of char­ge
E-Set (E-Bank­ing) free of char­ge


2. Top-up mo­dule
opt­ional, select­able by emplo­yees
1 per­sonal acc­ount EUR free of char­ge
Offer es­pecial­ly for cross-bor­der com­muters: no domi­cile-ab­road fee free of char­ge
Addi­tional Maes­tro cards regu­lar price
World Master­card® Silver or Visa Classic (1 main card) ½ price
Other credit cards (ad­ditio­nal card or other main cards) regular price
Other services e.g. advi­sory custo­dy ac­count regular price


3. Advi­sory module
optional, indi­vidual mo­dules can be selec­ted as part of the co­oper­ation
For pro­per­ties in Switz­erland: Mort­gage with pre­fer­ential inter­est rates¹ 0.2% inter­est dis­count²
Advi­sory mo­dules (invest­ing, pen­sions, etc.) free of char­ge
Con­ven­ient per­sonal con­sul­tation at your pre­mises or o­nline free of char­ge
Inter­nal in­for­ma­tion ev­ents (e.g. pen­sion pro­vi­sion or home owner­ship) free of cha­rge
Ser­vice pack­age for switch­ing bank free of char­ge
Assis­tance, where re­quired, in in­ter­nal com­munica­tion (intra­net, mail­ing, etc.) for free
Special part­ner offer­ings to be an­noun­ced  


¹ Only for owner-occupied residential property.
² 0.20 % basic discount on the BKB benchmark rates for the mortgage model "fixed-rate mortgage".
In order to confirm the employment relationship, Basler Kantonalbank periodically reviews the source of the incoming salary payments.
The conditions are valid at the time of publication. Subject to change.

1. Basic module

1. Basic module

The free basic module offers you the key products and services you need for your daily banking needs – from a CHF personal account and CHF savings account with bonus interest to a BKB Maestro card in CHF or EUR through to E-Banking and free cash withdrawals at all cantonal bank and Bank Cler ATMs throughout Switzerland.

2. Top-up module

2. Top-up module

With the top-up modules, you benefit from a free EUR personal account a waiver on the fee for clients with a foreign domicile. We offer you a credit card (main card) with valuable insurance benefits at half price. For a fee, you can request additional BKB credit cards and BKB Maestro cards and take advantage of additional services, such as the advisory custody account.

3. Advisory module

3. Advisory module

With our advisory modules, you get more than just our expertise in a wide variety of financial areas. We also offer you a free bank switching service and, in Switzerland, mortgages with attractive preferential interest rates (only owner-occupied residential property).

A calculation example

A calculation example

Ban­king pack­age for em­plo­yees
(ex­am­ple for illus­tra­tion pur­po­ses, in CHF)

Offer Regular price Your price Sa­vings p.a.
1 per­sonal ac­count CHF 60 0 60
E-Set 0 0 0
1 Maestro card CHF 40 0 40
1 s­avings ac­count CHF 0 0 0
1 per­sonal ac­count EUR 60 0 60
Fee for domi­cile ab­road 300 0 300
1 Visa Classic credit card 100 50 50
Sa­vings p.a. 510

The more services you choose, the more you benefit. We would be pleased to advise and assist you in putting together a package that meets your needs and calculate your annual savings.

* The offer refers to balancing and transfer fees from your previous bank. Early repayment fees in the mortgage business, withdrawal fees for savings accounts, etc., are excluded.

This information serves advertising purposes exclusively. In order to confirm the employment relationship, Basler Kantonalbank periodically reviews the source of the incoming salary payments. The conditions are valid at the time of going to press. Subject to change.