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Reward Programs

Your BKB Credit Card includes the respective reward programme.

surprize – Surprises are guaranteed!

With surprize you reward yourself: every time you use your eligible credit card or prepaid card, you receive valuable points. And we offer time and again exciting chances to boost your points balance significantly. Because with campaigns, contests, and other surprises you can secure many points for yourself.

You can redeem your points in the surprize Premium Shop for coupons from our many partners or exchange them for products or a donation. Your points become even more valuable thanks to our redemption campaign in which you benefit from especially attractive terms. All of these features make surprize a bonus program that offers you surprising and diverse experiences over and over again.
Take advantage of the opportunity and collect points!

More information:

Volume Bonus – The greater the purchase amount on your card, the greater is your advantage

As a Visa Platinum cardholder, you can choose between the surprize or the volume bonus plan as your reward program.

Here’s how you can benefit

Receive your card at no charge or reduce your annual fee with every purchase you make using your Visa Platinum.

Once your total purchases for the year have reached CHF 40,000, you will be charged only half of the annual fee, and starting at CHF 80'000, your Visa Platinum credit card is free of charge.