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Always Cash in Hand – with the BKB Maestro Card.

Do you have a Account? With your BKB Maestro Card it’s easy to pay or withdraw cash when you’re travelling.

BKB Maestro card

The BKB Maestro card enables you to make cashless payments - almost everywhere.

Basler Kantonalbank Maestrokarte

BKB Maestro STUcard

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New: Contactless payment

Contactless payment is quick, easy and secure. Since the middle of 2016, all BKB Maestro cards and BKB Maestro STU cards have been issued with an integrated contactless function. We have answered the most often asked questions on contactless payment for you.

  • How do I get a card for contactless payment?
    All BKB Maestro and BKB Maestro STU cards issued in a design since mid-September 2016 include the new function. This relates to newly ordered, new and replacement cards. Your existing card will not be exchanged; it will be replaced when the existing card expires. If you want a new card beforehand, there will be a charge of CHF 40 per card.
  • What do I have to do to activate the contactless function?
    When you receive your new BKB Maestro card or BKB Maestro STU card, you must make a purchase with PIN entry in order to activate the contactless function. You will then be able to make contactless payments.
  • How do I know where I can make contactless payments?

    If there is a wave symbol depicted on your card and the symbol illustrated below is on the terminal, you will be able to make contactless payment:

    Symbol on the terminal.

    In Switzerland, it is possible to make contactless payment at many retailers, for example, at Coop and Migros or at a kiosk. Contactless payment also works outside Switzerland (please note our advice on geo-blocking).

  • How do I make contactless payments?
    The card no longer needs to be placed into a terminal, but only held close to the contactless symbol (on the display or on the side of the terminal). Your purchase has been paid for in seconds. If the amounts exceed CHF 40, the PIN must also be entered. Occasionally, for security reasons, PIN entry will also be required for amounts under CHF 40.
  • When do I have to enter my PIN when making contactless transactions?
    When you make payments over CHF 40 and sometimes for security reasons in respect of amounts under CHF 40.
  • Is contactless payment secure?

    Yes, contactless payment is secure for the following reasons:

    • The card must be held very close (< 4 cm) to the terminal.
    • Only one transaction is possible in each case as a one-off code is generated for each payment. In addition, the retailer must enable the transaction.
    • For amounts above CHF 40.00, a PIN must always be entered, sometimes even for amounts below CHF 40.00.
    •  The card remains in your hand throughout the whole transaction.
  • Can I deactivate the function?

    Yes, if you want to deactivate the function, please contact your client advisor or the BKB Consultation Center on 061 266 33 33. If required, the function can be reactivated at any time.

ATM Locator

With the ATM Locator, ATMs that are set up for transactions with cards having chip functionality. The accuracy of the information can vary based on the region.