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Advice in every Phase of your Life

Advice in every phase of your life means that we will support you in achieving your financial objectives, irrespective of what phase of your life you are currently in. 

We can provide you with advice about wealth accumulation, financial planning, property ownership, taxes and succession planning. Specialist advice is particularly important when your needs, objectives or situation in life changes.

Young people

You are just starting to build up your finances at the start of your professional career.
Tips for independence:

  • If you don’t live with your parents anymore, you need your own liability insurance.
  • Start saving as early as possible.
  • Build up reserves for unforeseen events.

Success in your career/family

With your professional advancement, your financial clearance also expands.
Tips for long-term financial planning

  • Compile a household budget.
  • Set yourself saving goals and don’t be dissuaded from achieving them.
  • Think early on about how you want to finance your house or your apartment and the education of your children.
  • Find out about the different saving and financing options.
  • During this phase, you should lay the foundations for your pension.

Young families

Shared leisure time, hobbies and travel are at the forefront for young families initially.
Tips for protecting your young family:

  • Start planning for your retirement in good time.
  • Sole earners should protect their family with a term life insurance.
  • Compile a household budget for a better overview.

In the middle of your life

Most people have achieved the peaks of their career by middle age.

  • Close any gaps you may have in your financial planning. We can cover all the gaps with BKB financial planning advice. Tel +41 (0) 61 266 33 33.
  • Plan now for your retirement (pension or lump-sum payment?).
  • Adjust your investments to this phase of life.

Active in retirement

In this phase of life, many people allow themselves some luxury.
Tips for retirement age:

  • Get your estate in order early on.
  • Provide for your life partner.
  • Ensure you have reserves in this phase of your life as well.

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