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private credit

A personal loan from cashgate will support you in realizing your plans or bridging financial shortfalls.

The loan is available at 9,9%, 7.9% or 4.9%. These interest rates apply exclusively for customers of cashgate’s partner banks and are intended for amounts up to max. CHF 80,000 with a term of between 6 and 60 months. The loan can be terminated or repaid at any time.

  • Fair conditions
  • Rapid processing
  • Instalments that remain the same each month
  • Integrated residual debt insurance in case of death
  • Personal, discrete handling
  • Optional credit insurance with cashgatePROTECT in the event of involuntary unemployment, incapacity for work or disability
  • Interest on debt can be deducted from your income tax

9.9% interest rate

  • New contracts or loan increases



4.9% interest rate

  • Credit amounts from CHF 20,000.-
  • Home ownership in Switzerland
  • Fulfillment of all criteria for 7,9%

7.9% interest rate

  • Credit amounts from CHF 10,000.-
  • Only new contracts (no loan increases)
  • Swiss residents or overseas residents with a "C" residence permit
  • Minimum net income of CHF 4,500.-

If you become unemployed through no fault of your own, unable to work or disabled as a result of illness or an accident, you could find yourself in financial difficulty. Through its optional credit insurance product cashgatePROTECT, cashgate offers you comprehensive insurance cover on attractive terms for your cashgate credit repayments.


Lending is not permitted if it will lead to insolvency (Art. 3 UWG - Swiss Unfair Competition Act)