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BKB Welcome mortgage

Then you can benefit from our Welcome interest reduction with the BKB Welcome mortgage.

The BKB Welcome mortgage is a staggered interest rate mortgage based on a fixed rate mortgage with fixed sum, fixed term and fixed reduced interest rate.

Factsheet (german)

You can agree a term of 2 to 10 years and take advantage of the following benefits:

Your advantages at a glance

You have fixed interest rates for the chosen term with an interest rate reduction. You can secure these 24 months in advance with an additional charge (forward). Your interest charge remains exactly calculable over the years, irrespective of how interest rates change. This protects you from rising interest rates. The interest rate bonus also allows you to save.

Interest rate

The interest rate is fixed for an agreed term.


The term is 2 to 10 years.


Payments can be made indirectly through Savings 3 accounts.

Income and costs

Calculate “how much house” you can afford and how high the costs will be on the basis of your own funds and your income

Your client advisor will provide you with information about all further conditions.
We are happy to check your mortgage inquiry and can make you a detailed offer. It is best to bring the Mortgaging Checklist (German) with you to an initial meeting.