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BKB LIBOR mortgage

Are you looking for a flexible financing solution with low or falling money market interest rates?

If you are prepared to accept short-term interest deviations, then you will benefit from a mortgage interest rate with the BKB LIBOR mortgage, which is sometimes prominently below the long-term interest rates.
The interest rate of the BKB LIBOR mortgage is made up of the LIBOR base rate (London Interbank Offered Rate) and an individual margin and is adjusted quarterly or half-yearly. This gives you the chance to benefit quickly from falling interest rates. At the end of a tranche, there is the option of switching to another of the Basler Kantonalbank’s mortgage products.

The interest rate risk can be minimized in combination with longer-term BKB mortgage products.

Type of property

Residential property

Minimum amount

CHF 250’000.–

Interest rate

LIBOR plus individual margin, adjustment every 3 to 6 months


3 years


Indirectly through Savings 3 accounts

Notice period

Not possible during the term

Your client advisor will provide you with information about all further conditions.
We are happy to check your mortgage inquiry and can make you a detailed offer. It is best to bring the Mortgaging Checklist with you to an initial meeting.