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Sustainable Investment

Are ethical and ecological aspects just as important to you in your investment as the financial aspect? In that case Basler Kantonalbank has a wide range of sustainable investment opportunities to offer you. 

There is growing awareness among an ever-increasing number of investors of the responsibility they bear for the use of their capital. Not only do they wish to invest their assets profitably, but also to foster sustainable development and make their personal contribution towards securing the livelihood of future generations.

If you, too, would like to invest in companies vigorously pursuing social, ethical and ecological objectives besides economic ones, we can offer you the appropriate products:

  • Sustainable investment funds: Invest exclusively in companies that are characterized by their sustainable business activities and that behave in as environmentally and socially responsible a manner as possible.
  • The Christoph Merian Cantonal Banks Foundation is a charitable foundation established in 2008 by the Christoph Merian Foundation, Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank and Basler Kantonalbank. Your donation will support and sponsor social, cultural and ecological projects in and around the Basel-County and Basel-City cantons.
  • Sustainable asset management: You can issue a sustainable asset management mandate for us for investments above 250,000 CHF, thereby entrusting our financial experts to manage your assets. They will analyse the most important financial markets for you on an ongoing basis and make the optimal investment decisions as part of your chosen investment strategies and in consideration of clearly defined sustainability criteria.

Interested? We're happy to advise you personally.