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DIY - EasyTrading

You want to handle your investment business yourself and don’t need any advice? With EasyTrading you can trade freely in key stock markets around the world.

EasyTrading is the BKB platform featuring rapidity and security and allowing complete freedom of choice.

  • Access to key stock markets
  • Trading in stocks, bonds, funds, warrants, etc.
  • Access to options markets EUREX, CBOE (USA)
  • 30.00 CHF brokerage per order on Swiss stock exchange in BKB E-Banking
  • Low custody fees
  • Orders can also be placed by phone and fax
  • Fast, competent handling over the phone
  • Safe through cantonal guaranty
  • No min. deposit required



Swiss stock market transactions

30.00 CHF flat fee per order in BKB E-Banking
90.00 CHF flat fee per order for phone orders

Other stock exchanges and EUREX and US options

0.5 % of equivalent value, min. 50.00 CHF, max. 500.00 CHF in E-Banking

0.5 % of equivalent value, min. 90.00 CHF, max. 500.00 CHF by phone

Stock exchanges in Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland without SIX, OTC/ISMA
Stock exchanges in USA and Canada: NYSE, Nasdaq, Toronto, Vancouver
Stock exchanges in Asia and Pacific region: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore
Stock exchanges in Africa: South Africa (Johannesburg)
Rates for other stock exchanges on request.

Terms and conditions, detailed

Terms of Trade (PDF, 2 pages, German)
Interest rate CHF 0%, EUR 0%, effective 01.02.2015
(Conditions subject to change at any time.)

Arrange a consultation with us to access EasyTrading.

If you are domiciled in Switzerland, we can post you the forms for opening your account. Return the forms duly signed to us together with confirmation of your identity. We will then open your EasyTrading account. ID certification costs at your nearest post-office will be assumed by us.

Contact BKB EasyTrading

PO Box, CH-4002 Basel
Customer Service phone 061 266 31 31
Stock Market Orders phone 0848 801 007
Alternative Number  phone 061 266 30 43
Fax 061 266 30 10

Marketing partner:

SIX Structured Products Exchange AG

SIX Structured Products Exchange AG

Counter business (cash deposits and withdrawals, etc.) can also be handled at Aeschenvorstadt 41 or at any of our other locations.