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eBill FAQs

General information

  • What is eBill?

    The eBill service allows you to receive and pay your invoices conveniently, safely, and paperlessly. Once you activate the service, eBill will show up in your BKB-E-Banking. There, you can view and check your invoices and approve them for payment. You have complete control over whether and when you pay an eBill. You can also save and print out your invoices if needed.

  • What requirements must I meet in order to use eBill?

    To receive your invoices electronically, you need an E-Banking agreement and a valid email address.

    Because the eBill portal opens in a new screen, your browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) must allow pop-ups.

  • Who can use eBill?

    eBill is available to all private clients with a valid E-Banking agreement.

  • How much does eBill cost?

    The use of eBill is free of charge.

eBill registration and registering with billers

Receiving and approving eBills

Standing approval, paying in instalments, and cancelling

  • Are my eBill invoices paid automatically?

    No. You approve the eBill invoice for payment on your desired date. To approve specific invoices automatically, you have the option of setting up standing approvals for these invoices.

  • What’s the difference between a standing approval and a direct debit?

    In contrast to a direct debit, with eBill you set the amount or the upper limit and specify when the invoice should be approved. This means you retain full control until the payment is definitively executed. With a direct debit, the biller debits the account that you designated in the debit authorization. With standing approval, you trigger the automatic approval of the invoices based on your predefined criteria.

  • How do I set up a standing approval?

    Select the eBill invoice you want to automate approval for going forward. Now select the option «Standing approval» and then define the criteria for the standing approval.

  • Is a standing approval always executed?

    No, with eBill a standing approval is only executed if all of the criteria you’ve specified are met. If approval is not executed automatically, you can trigger it manually.

    Example: You set a monthly limit of 500 CHF for a biller.

    1st Scenario: The biller submits an invoice for 501 CHF.
    The standing approval is not executed.

    2nd Scenario: The biller submits three invoices:
    - Invoice 1 is for 300 CHF.

    The standing approval is executed.
    - Invoice 2 is for 150 CHF.

    The standing approval is executed.
    - Invoice 3 is for 100 CHF.

    The standing approval is not executed since invoice 3 takes the total over the limit of CHF 500.

  • How do I set up payment in instalments?

    If a biller offers you the option of paying in installments, you will receive a notification to this effect on the eBill portal. Select your desired instalment group from the multiple variants offered. After this selection, all instalments for the selected instalment group are shown in the overview of invoices in the same way as normal individual invoices. You can approve each of these instalments individually, or you have the option of setting up a standing approval.

  • How do I reject an eBill invoice?

    You can also reject eBill invoices. To do this, select the invoice you wish to reject. Now select «Reject invoice». The biller will then be notified that the invoice was rejected.

  • How do I deactivate eBill?

    To avoid late notices, we recommend that you ensure before deactivating eBill that no more eBill invoices are outstanding. Deregister with all billers so that you receive paper invoices going forward. Afterward there are no more obstacles in the way of deactivating the eBill service in BKB-E-Banking under «Settings.»