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BKB-E-Banking Help


General information

  • Can I pre-value payments?
    Orders can be pre-valued by up to 360 days. Only a bank working day can be used as the execution date. No orders can be issued for dates in the past.
  • Where do I find the pending payment orders?
    By default, all “All open payments” will be displayed to you under “Payments” “Payment overview”. You can limit these even further via the Quick Search “Pending Payments”.

    If you want to display all payments entered today, a separate overview will be displayed to you under “Payments” “New payment”.
  • How do I know whether my payment has been executed?
    The status of the order is changed to “booked”. In addition, you will find the corresponding debit in the account statement.
  • How can I be notified of certain account movements (account inputs or outputs)?
    Under “Services“ “Alerts”, you can define when you want to be notified of account changes. For example, be notified by SMS or email of large inputs or outputs or a stock exchange order executed. 
  • Why was the payment not executed?
    Your payment order will only be executed if there are sufficient funds in your account. If the payments are uploaded as a DTA (data carrier exchange) payment order, please check that all the payment details of the data are correct. Only payments whose data is correct and approved will be executed.
  • How can I reduce the entry fields in BKB E-Banking?
    Wherever possible BKB E-Banking supports you in entering and checking your entries for completeness and correctness – for example in respect of IBAN, PC numbers, reference numbers, etc. In this way, returned payments due to incomplete or incorrect details will be reduced to a minimum.

    Alternatively, you can also scan payments via the smart phone on which the BKB app is installed. Select “Payments” “Scan a payment”.

    A document reader is recommended for larger volumes of payment slips. However, the bank does not offer you this, but, thanks to standardised interfaces, such devices can be used with BKB E-Banking without problem.
  • Where can I find scanned pay-in slips which I have to approve?
    Select “Payments” “Payment overview” via the menu item. Now a listing of your payments with the corresponding status appears. Click on the field “All open payments” next to the search function and select “Payments awaiting approval”. Here, the payments which you can approve or reject as desired are displayed.
  • What is the difference between the posting date and the value date?
    The posting date defines when the payment will be executed.

    The value date is the date of the calculation of interest. It defines the time from which interested will be calculated.
  • How can I raise an objection to a DDM payment?
    The following basically applies: In Switzerland you have a 30-day period in which to object to DDM payments. If you want to raise an objection to a DDM payment, please complete the fields on the last page of the relevant account statement. You can sign this and send it to the Helpdesk, so that the credit can be made. Alternatively, you can announce an objection via a message in BKB E-Banking.

Recordings and changes

  • How do I enter a payment in BKB E-Banking?
    Under “Payments” “New payment” select either “Payment assistant”, where BKB E-Banking gives you maximum support, or “Form of payment”.

    Alternatively, you can also scan the payments on a smart phone on which BKB’s app is installed. Select “Payments” “Scan a payment”.
  • Which types of payment orders can I enter in BKB E-Banking?
    These are all types of payment orders possible for home and abroad (individual payments, standing orders and payment templates; Exception: DTA TA832 bank cheques CHF and foreign currencies as well as money orders).
  • By when must a payment be sent so that it is executed on the same day?
    It is possible to send payment orders, which are to be executed on the same day, up to 13.00. Payment orders sent and/or approved after this time will be executed on the next bank working day. 
  • Why do I have to enter an mTAN code to approve a payment?
    The confirmation of the beneficiary is an additional security feature in BKB E-Banking payment transactions with which you can ensure that no criminally manipulated payments are being performed. In entering a payment to an unrecognised beneficiary, an additional verification in BKB E-Banking is required. This additional verification is no longer necessary after several payments to the same beneficiary. 
  • What must one keep in mind with regard to foreign orders?
    For payment orders to a foreign country, but also in part in a foreign currency, additional information is required (e.g. BIC, SWIFT, SEPA or IBAN). Strictly speaking, all information should be available on a payment order. You will often find the BIC and SWIFT on the website of the beneficiary.

    Payments, which meet the terms and conditions for SEPA payments (EUR, BIC, IBAN, sharing of charges), are executed at no charge.

    For further information on this see interest rates and terms and conditions:
  • Can I initiate payments at the expense of savings accounts?
    The issuing of payment orders at the expense of savings accounts is possible in BKB E-Banking (complying with the withdrawal limit). The fees for payment orders at the expense of savings accounts listed in the published terms and conditions are also charged in BKB E-Banking.
  • Can I make changes with regard to payments already sent?
    Sent payment orders can be changed or deleted by the user up to 24.00 of the previous day. Orders sent on the day of execution can no longer be changed after the confirmation of execution due to the circumstances, as these are immediately forwarded for processing in BKB E-Banking. In addition, such payment orders can no longer be deleted.
  • Can I edit standing orders?
    Standing orders can be edited from the listing “Payments” “Standing order”. If no function for editing appears in the detailed view, the standing order has already been deleted (see “Status“ in the listing) and must be completely re-entered.

    Standing orders submitted in writing do not appear in BKB E-Banking. So that these can be seen and changed in BKB E-Banking , they must be cancelled in writing and entered anew in BKB E-Banking.
  • How can I copy a payment and perform it again?
    You can recall and copy payments which have already been posted.

    Alternatively, you can save recurring payments directly at entering under “Payment templates”. Under “Payments” “Payment templates”, all payments saved by you are displayed to you.

    After you have selected a saved payment for further editing, you can approve this for editing with the field “Edit Payment”. Now you can make the desired changes before you approve the template for payment.


You can find the FAQs for eBill (former E-invoice) under eBill.