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BKB-E-Banking Help

Accounts and Assets

  • How can I conceal or display additional columns in the account statement?
    Via the “Context Function“, you can call up the function “Show / hide columns “. Your selection will be saved and adopted for later logins.
  • Can I edit the Homepage “Overview” or specify another Homepage?
    A standard set of tiles are defined by the bank. You can add additional tiles, move existing ones or even delete them via the Context Function.

    Add: Select the desired tile from the displayed list via the “Add” Context Function.

    Move: Move the existing tiles within the Homepage by drag and drop.

    Delete: You can display existing tiles via the Context Function “Edit start page” and delete them via the wastebasket symbol.

    If you want a page other than the Overview to appear as the Homepage (e.g. Complete Overview), you can specify your Homepage under “Services“ “Settings“.