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  • Which services does Mobile Banking cover?

    With BKB Mobile Banking, you have a complete overview of your finances on your smartphone.


    • Simply scan in deposit slips; the software recognizes the relevant data and inputs it directly into the transfer screen.
    • Every bit as secure as BKB E-Banking
    • Quick login via Touch-ID (fingerprint) or Face-ID
    • Customizable start page with your preferred functions
    • Enter payments, view booking details, and place stock market trades anywhere, any time.
  • How do I activate Mobile Banking?

    Access to Mobile Banking is obtained by whosoever has activated Mobile Banking in his or her E-Banking and who has set a password. The password for Mobile Banking must be different from the password for E-Banking. With the activation of Mobile Banking, a cookie will be saved on the user’s mobile device, so that the E-Banking contract is linked to the user’s mobile device.

  • Is the use of Mobile Banking secure?

    If you become aware that you could be observed, for example in a public space, when using Mobile Banking and the risk of theft or loss is higher, we recommend:

    • Always activate the mobile device’s locking code
    • Do not save access data, such as identification number and password, on your mobile device
    • Always enter your identification number and password away from the view of third parties
    • Keep your device up to date (updates of the operating system)
    • Always end your connection to Mobile Banking via “Logout“
    • Do not modify your mobile device (no “jailbreak“/”rooting“)
  • How do I scan payments with Mobile Banking?

    As a special feature, the app offers the opportunity to scan or photograph red and orange payment slips. Payments are thus entered within seconds and with no errors and there is no need to transcribe the reference number.


    The scanned payments then appear in E-Banking and Mobile Banking. If required, payments must also be approved in BKB E-Banking.

  • Can I open new accounts in BKB E-Banking?

    Under “Services“ “Order products/services“, you can order the desired product. The bank will then send you any documents or confirmation of opening required to open an account.

  • How can I change my address?

    Via “Services“ open “Settings”. You can then notify us of your new address in the field “Change address”.