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BKB-E-Banking Help


General information


  • To what extent can I personalise my BKB-E-Banking?

    BKB-E-Banking can be extensively personalised and tailored to your wishes.

    Under “Services“ “Settings“ you will find the customising options, which have an effect on the whole application.

    Via the Context functions, you can, for example, show or hide additional tiles or columns.

    Where appropriate, you can reset to the standard version with one click.


  • How can I filter or sort the content of a table?
    If you are in a table in BKB-E-Banking, click, for example, on the Quick Search item “Most recent 25 postings”. Now a selection of additional filters (including saved filters) appears. To start a user-defined search, click on the symbol with the magnifying glass. Now a window with search fields, which you can complete as needed, appears.  

    To sort the content of a table, click on the heading of the relevant column and set a sorting criterion.
  • How can I export the displayed data, such as account movements or custody account items, as PDF or Excel?
    You can export all tables which E-Banking displays to you as PDF or CSV (e.g. Excel) via the Context Function.
  • How can I search in BKB-E-Banking in the most efficient way?
    Where appropriate BKB-E-Banking supports you with Quick Search. You can roughly restrict the number of search results via the pre-defined quick searches.

    For example, to search for postings within the account statement select the magnifying glass symbol. Enter the search criteria here, until you get the desired hit from BKB-E-Banking.

    If you want to use the search again, you can save this and call it up again later under Quick Search.
  • How can I keep myself informed about account balances and account movements via SMS?
    Select “Services“ “Alerts“. Under “Destination”, you can define your telephone number for the individual SMS dispatch.
  • How can I change to electronic bank statements (E-Documents)?
    You can find the change to bank statements, which you will no longer want to receive by post, but electronically (E-Documents), under “Services“.

    Select here which banking relationship or which accounts you want to change to E-Documents.

    For further information about the terms and conditions for BKB-E-Banking (see 1.4).
  • For how long are electronic documents (E-Documents) saved in BKB-E-Banking?
    The read E-Documents are archived for 360 days. Unread documents are available for 3 years.

    Please note that E-Documents are thus saved for a limited time in BKB-E-Banking. Save these locally in plenty of time.