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Basler Rheinschwimmen

It is one of the most popular public sporting events in Basel: accompanied by water vessels and lifeguards, thousands of participants swim each year from the Münster ferry on the Lesser Basel banks of the Rhine to Unterer Rheinweg or let themselves be pulled along for 15 minutes by the current of the Rhine.

The traditional Basler Rheinschwimmen has been organized and held since 1980 by the Basel section of the SLRG, the Schweizerische Lebensrettungsgesellschaft - the Swiss lifesaving society. In total, over 5000 people take part in this swimming event every year. The event takes place annually on the Tuesday after the Basel school summer holidays. The starting time is always 18:00 at the Münster ferry on the Lesser Basel side. The route is about 1.8 kilometers.

The Basler Kantonalbank has been the sponsor of the popular Basler Rheinschwimmens since 2003.