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Pro Senectute

Pro Senectute of both Basel cantons offers senior citizens a wide array of services that allow them to retain their independence and to live in their own homes so long as they are able to do so, both physically and mentally.

For the last 90 years now, Pro Senectute of both Basel cantons has been providing services to persons aged 50 years and upwards so that they can continue to enjoy  their lives within their own four walls. Services are provided within the so-called Akzent Forum in such areas as personal counselling, domestic help, sale and rental of aids and appliances, education and fitness, etc.

Basler Kantonalbank has been supporting Pro Senectute of both Basel cantons for many years and is a competent partner and contact in all questions dealing with money matters. Akzent Magazin is also an additional vehicle in which BKB experts discuss current financial topics at regular intervals.