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Basel Tattoo

Unique to Switzerland, the second largest and one of the most spectacular open-air tattoos in the world.

About Basel Tattoo

The Basel Tattoo presents world-famous tunes, combined with elaborately choreographed march sequences and a colorful spectacle of color and light against the grandiose backdrop of the Kaserne Basel.

The show tells the story of different cultures, tradition and innovation, Swissness and coolness, peppered with a pinch of humor. At the Basel Tattoo, marching music is anything but stuffy: be it hits from Michael Jackson, Queen, the Beatles or Elvis Presley, the Basel Tattoo whisks spectators into a frenzy of several hundred years of musical history and contemporary sounds and exotic impressions. The two-hour performance begins traditionally with the fanfare, followed by a brilliant collection of first-class music.

The Basler Kantonalbank is the main sponsor of the Basel Tattoo.