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General Libraries of the GGG

The Basler Kantonalbank is the sponsor of the General Libraries of the GGG, thus promoting cultural education in Basel.

The GGG are the public libraries of the city of Basel. The GGG provide the inhabitants of Basel with literature and are an important cultural mediator.

In addition, they offer many people their first access to new media. The GGG serves further and higher education, creative leisure activities and the promotion of reading abilities, as well as cultural mediation in the field of literature and science. They guarantee free access to up-to-date and everyday information. The GGG offers over 260,000 non-fiction books, novels, children’s books, young people’s books, CDs, audio books, DVDs, games, newspapers, journals, games and sheet music for children, young people and adults.

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GGG Stadtbibliothek Basel