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Application Tips

The dossier of application documents tends to give the company a first impression of the candidates. For this reason, it is important the documents are put together in a well thought-out manner. The following points should be given particular attention if you want to be a successful applicant:

Complete documents

So that we can get an overall impression of your career, please send us all the documents we require in your dossier. As well as your curriculum vitae, this includes your letter of motivation, all employment references and the relevant certificates.

Letter of motivation

The letter of motivation refers to the job advertisement and demonstrates why you are suitable and motivated for a vacant position. The letter should be formulated to suit the vacancy and our company.


The CV provides information about your personal details, professional positions, further and higher education, any language and IT skills, interests and other leisure activities. Please ensure that your current or latest employment is listed first and the sequence is chronological.


It is not necessary to send a portrait photo for every vacancy. If you would like to include a photo, your CV would be the right document to do this. You should ensure that the photo you send is a professional photo suitable for a job application.

Pay attention to the layout and spelling

The dossier of application documents gives us an impression of your working quality. For this reason, it is important that it is clearly structured and submitted without any errors. It is often helpful to have the documents proofread by another person.


Keep your dossier of application documents up-to-date. In particular, the CV should describe all professional functions up to the point of application.


Think about who can provide the best information about your professional performance. We recommend listing two referees in your CV. If you are unsure, this information can also be provided after the job interview.
Please note that the Basler Kantonalbank will only request a reference after prior discussion with the candidate.


To ensure your application is easy to read, you should ideally send your dossier of documents as a PDF file. In addition, a large number of attachments can negatively affect the clarity of an application.