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Basic Training in IT

Are you about to decide on what to do after your compulsory education has been completed? Do you have an interest in technology and very good skills in mathematics, physics, chemistry, English and German? If you also enjoy working with computers and dealing with people, then the basic training in information technology could be the right apprenticeship for you.

At the Basler Kantonalbank, you have the opportunity to complete a versatile and demanding 4-year information technology apprenticeship. We offer apprenticeship places in the field of systems technology and for all-rounders.

This apprenticeship includes practical experience in various departments of our Competence Center services. In addition, the students will attend:

If we have interested you in an apprenticeship in the field of information technology, then we look forward to receiving your online application:

You can apply here!

If you have any questions, Mr. Rafael Giobbi, 061 266 34 26, will be happy to help.