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Additional benefits

The Basler Kantonalbank focuses on fair compensation. This consists of the function, training, experience and individual performance. In addition, employees enjoy a number of additional benefits.


The Reka-Check and Reka-Card are one of a kind internationally and a popular ancillary payment.
Our employees have the opportunity each year to withdraw a Reka credit with a discount of 20%.

Meal allowance

All employees of the Basler Kantonalbank benefit from a meal allowance. In Basel, the popular Lunch-Checks are issued at an amount of CHF 10.00 per day.

Staff conditions for banking transactions

The Basler Kantonalbank provides its employees with preferential conditions for their banking transactions.
In addition, our “Staff Banking Transactions” team is available to provide extensive advice to all our employees.

Family allowance exceeding legal requirements

Under certain circumstances, our employees are provided with a family allowance relating to the VAB (Swiss Agreement on Working Conditions for Bank Employees) in addition to the legal family entitlement.

Long-service gift

Loyalty pays off at the Basler Kantonalbank. After five years of employment, employees receive a loyalty bonus. After this, the loyalty bonus is paid in five-yearly intervals.

As well as the additional benefits already listed, employment with the Basler Kantonalbank leads to other interesting conditions. You will find out more in your interview.