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Rule-based Investment Method

We offer you two new opportunities for delegating the management of your investment to us. In the future, you can choose the so-called rule-based investment methods both as part of an asset management mandate and for strategy fund BKB Investment Solution.

In this investment method, we split the capital strategically into various investment classes. The investment classes are not rigidly weighted but are adjusted dynamically to the current market environment.

In doing so, the rule-based investment style follows predefined and evidence-based rules (rebalancing, trend and relative strength), which are based on the analysis of historic market data. Thus, investment decisions are made which are systematically substantiated and not characterized by subjective, human decisions.

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Important notice

This information serves advertising purposes exclusively. For the strategy fund BKB Investment Solution – Rule based (CHF), we would refer you to the prospectus and the Key Investor Information. You can get these free of charge on our website at and in paper form at all branches of Basler Kantonalbank, from the fund management or from the custody bank.