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General Legal Information and Terms of Use for Digital Channels of Basler Kantonalbank

General Information

Basler Kantonalbank (BKB) makes available for its clients and interested parties on its website (respectively, individual web pages) various electronic channels relating to its offering of products and services:

  • A public – subject to limitations contained in the “General Legal Information and Terms of Use for the Digital Channels of Basler Kantonalbank“ or described in individual specific terms and conditions – area accessible basically to anyone.
  • An area accessible only for registered users (interested parties and clients) after a respective login with weak authentication.
  • A protected area accessible only for clients after proper login with strong authentication and in particular to serve in the conclusion of transactions.

BKB also enables – provided an interested party meets specific personal and technical requirements for a business relationship – the taking-up of business relationships through these channels in a purely electronic manner, without a personal visit or the physical exchange of documents by mail.

By accessing the BKB electronic channels you acknowledge that you understand and accept the “General Legal Information and Terms of Use for the Digital Channels of Basler Kantonalbank”. You also acknowledge that the use of individual services provided or products offered over the BKB electronic channels requires entering into special agreements and/or the acknowledgment of specific terms of use and that the related products and services can differ in whole or in part from those offered, provided, or processed in the conventional manner (e.g., through correspondence or personal contacts).

BKB does not accept responsibility for or provide an assurance that its electronic channels and the products and services available through these channels and/or all functions will be available constantly without interruption, that the channels are free of errors, viruses, or other damaging elements, or that errors having occurred will be corrected within a specified period.

Access Restrictions

The BKB electronic channels are intended exclusively for natural persons and legal entities, as well as partnerships and corporations having their domicile or registered office in Switzerland.

Access to the BKB electronic channels and the use of services that are provided and the products that can be concluded through these channels is not intended for persons subject to a legal order prohibiting such access on account of the nationality of the person concerned, his or her domicile, or for any other reason. Persons to whom such restrictions apply are not permitted to access the BKB electronic channels.

Rights to Intellectual Property

All rights to the elements of the BKB electronic channels, in particular copyrights, the rights to trademarks, designs, and databases, belong exclusively to BKB, unless otherwise stated. The elements may be used freely for browsing purposes only; any other use in any form, particularly reproduction or further dissemination thereof, requires the prior written consent of BKB.

«Basler Kantonalbank», «BKB,» and the BKB logo are all registered trademarks of Basler Kantonalbank. No part of the BKB electronic channels is so designed as to concede thereby a license or right to use an image, a registered trademark, or a logo. No rights in respect of any elements of the BKB electronic channels or of any of the software required for their use are conceded to the user by downloading or copying the BKB electronic channels.

No Offer / No Advice

The general and specific information published on the BKB electronic channels are fundamentally for information purposes only and are not advertising; they should not be construed either as encouragement to submit an offer or as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell securities or other investment instruments. It is not suitable as a basis for making decisions, nor does it represent an invitation or recommendation to carry out such transactions. It should not in any way be regarded as advice in legal, tax, or other concerns.

Investors should – if they do not possess the appropriate knowledge and experience – obtain advice on their decisions from a qualified specialist before making an investment decision or carrying out transactions.

Exceptions are the offer and/or the invitation to make an offer regarding products and/or services that can be concluded or used through the electronic channels and specific services related thereto. The latter may contain advisory services in some cases, if these are expressly designated as such or are an implicit part of a product or service used by the client.

No Assurance of Accuracy of Information; Limitation of Liability

BKB has taken every care to ensure that the information displayed and/or published on its electronic channels is correct at the time of publication. Nevertheless, neither BKB nor its contracting partners provide explicit or implicit assurance or warranty in respect of the correctness, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of the information available on its electronic channels. Moreover, the information may be changed at any time without prior notice.

To the extent legally permitted, neither BKB nor its governing bodies, employees, or representatives shall be liable for damages of any kind and regardless of legal grounds arising from the use, or any possible non-usability, of its electronic channels.

Future-oriented Statements

The BKB electronic channels may contain outlooks on possible future developments in financial and other markets. Even if such statements reflect the opinions and expectations of BKB, risks, uncertainties, and other factors can lead to actual developments differing from the expectations expressed by BKB. BKB is not obligated to update forward-looking statements due to new information or events or for other reasons and assumes no responsibility whatsoever in this regard.

Links to Other Websites

The BKB electronic channels may contain content of or links to websites or individual web pages of third parties. Such content and/or links serve only for information purposes. BKB has not reviewed any such links and is not responsible for any content made available in this manner or in any other way by third parties. Connections to the linked websites, individual web pages, or electronic channels of third parties are undertaken at the user’s own risk and, in any case, result in the user leaving the BKB website. BKB assumes no liability whatsoever for linked websites and web pages or for the electronic channels of third parties accessible through these.

Data Security / Use of Analytic Tools / Data Use

BKB processes personal data in compliance with data protection laws. It may, in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations, delegate the provision of individual services or performance of services in connection with the operation of the electronic channels in whole or in part to third parties. This applies in particular to such services in the area of information technology. Within the framework of such delegation, it may occur that data must be transmitted to third parties. All service providers are bound by relevant confidentiality requirements.

In accessing the BKB electronic channels (with the exception of BKB E-Banking), data are captured for anonymous statistical evaluations. In this connection, no personal data are stored. The IP address is anonymized and used in this form for the geo-location and stored in fully anonymized form. The user can opt at any time from the use of the web analysis service on the website of the web analysis service provider ( This has no influence on the functionalities of the electronic channels. In certain cases BKB uses so-called cookies. Users can configure their browsers to prevent or receive notification of the placement of cookies. Certain functionalities or services cannot be used in this case.

User visits are recorded in the areas accessible to clients and interested parties after login that are protected with weak authentication and in the areas accessible only to clients after proper login that are protected with strong authentication.

Depending upon the scope of use of the BKB electronic channels, the input of personal data is required, particularly on registration pages, in calculators, forms, or within the scope of other functionalities.

BKB uses the aforementioned personal data in particular:

  • For client and/or user administration
  • To inform clients about its products and services
  • For general and individualized marketing purposes
  • For further development of the electronic channels
  • To comply with legal and supervisory obligations
  • For any other purposes to which reference is made within the framework of use of the relevant products and services.

In this connection, BKB is entitled to store, process, use, and create profiles from the data made available to it on the BKB electronic channels by interested parties and clients as well as data related to it from external sources. These are used by BKB in particular to provide clients individualized advice where applicable and to provide interested parties and clients general and, if applicable, individualized information concerning products and services of BKB, as well as to prepare customized offers for them.

By providing their personal data to BKB, interested parties / clients declare their consent with the use of the data for the above-named purposes.

The user acknowledges how the Bank uses his personal data and what rights he has in this connection. He has received/reviewed the separate General Privacy Statement relating to this.

If express consent from the interested parties and/or clients is required for a particular use of the data collected by BKB, this consent will be obtained at the appropriate point in the electronic channels.

Digital Communication

For the communication with interested parties or clients, BKB offers secure communication channels in E-Banking and in the area of my BKB that is protected with strong authentication. These channels offer the opportunity for secure transmission of confidential messages and processing of banking transactions. Digital communication with BKB should take place exclusively over these communication channels.

Normal emails are neither secure nor confidential. They can be intercepted, read, modified, rerouted, or destroyed by unauthorized parties. Personal data or confidential information – especially account data – should never be sent in normal emails.

The exchange of data can take place across borders, even if the sender and the recipient are in the same country.

Barring any other explicit agreements or unless otherwise indicated, BKB is not obligated to accept orders or instructions that are issued through normal emails.

BKB is not liable for damages that interested parties, clients, or third parties incur in connection with messages that were sent by means of normal email or another electronic message transmission system. This applies even if specific agreements regarding the use of normal emails or possible other message transmission systems were entered into between BKB and the client.


BKB is not obligated to accept orders for any business transactions, such as payment orders, transfer orders, address changes, etc., that are transmitted over the BKB electronic channels. Exceptions are any special agreements between BKB and its clients regarding the issuance of orders electronically over especially dedicated channels.

Conflicting Provisions

Certain areas of the BKB electronic channels contain additional provisions, conditions, information, instructions, etc. (referred to collectively as “additional provisions“). In case of conflicting provisions between the aforementioned “General Legal Information and Terms of Use for the Digital Channels of BKB” and additional provisions, the additional provisions shall have priority for the affected areas of the electronic channels.

Applicable Law/Legal Venue

If the access to the BKB electronic channels should constitute a legal relationship between an interested party or client and Basler Kantonalbank, this relationship shall be judged in accordance with Swiss law. In the absence of any compulsory other legal venue, the exclusive jurisdiction is Basel. Exceptions are any applicable, conflicting agreements in connection with specific legal acts that can be entered into over the electronic channels of BKB.